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Videos that Help Explain the Rise of Donald Trump

For many people, the rise of Donald Trump has been perplexing. Trump has spent millions of dollars of his own money, seemingly in an effort to offend as many people as possible, beginning with harsh criticisms of the Republican party and all it’s top leadership.... read more News 201604 – News 201604 | 30 April 2016 | Saturday Dear Friend, I hope you’re doing well. Welcome to the April newsletter. Personal Update My Personal Update for April is now available. If we’re not already connected on Facebook, I invite... read more

FACT: CBS News Falsely Quotes Bernie Sanders on 7 April 2016

This is the headline of a CBS News story posted on 7 April 2016: Bernie Sanders: I attacked Hillary Clinton because she attacked me The title implies that Bernie Sanders actually made that statement. It attempts to establish that Bernie Sanders attacked Hillary... read more


ForLife Glassware

Take a look at the full collection of ForLife Glassware. [View Now] 20160111mo0141-forlife-glassware-1024x768

MileIQ – Automatic Mileage Tracker

Keep a detailed record of your vacation stops, track billable travel miles, use it for journaling your life, or log how your driving time is spent. The MileIQ app does it all automatically based on motion. [Buy Now] 20160114th-mileiq-catch-every-mile-you-drive-automatically

Square – Credit Card Processing

Accept credit card payments from friends, family, or customers. Setup a wireless cash register. [Signup Now] 20160131su-square-squareup-credit-card-processing

Dropbox – Cloud File Storage and Backup

Store files in the cloud, backup files, share large files. [Signup Now] 20160131su1828-dropbox

Website Hosting – DreamHost

Get great website hosting from DreamHost. [Get Started]


Website Hosting – Bluehost

Get great website hosting from BlueHost. [Get Started]

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