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Small Houses

Visit the Small House Society for news about tiny houses.

Greg Johnson

Greg’s website at About Greg


Visit the Activist Resource Group.

Consumer Defense

Visit the Consumer Defense Resource Group.


Transform at Inspiring Music


Visit the Iowa City Photographers Guild or RFL Photography.


  • Website Design Changes. We’ve made some changes to the home page that should make it easier to navigate. (30 Jan 2017 at 9:36 AM CST)
  • January Resources for Life News. The January newsletter is available. (29 Jan 2017 at 11:00 PM CST)
  • Technology Services. Our Technology Services pages have been redesigned. (28 Jan 2017)

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FEATURED STORIES is Now SSL Protected for Privacy and Security

We don't receive credit card information or other sensitive data from visitors to our site. However, we recognize that some people would like their Internet browsing and content to be private. Starting in 2014, Google began making SSL security a priority and they rank...

Tennessee to Expand Tuition-Free College Program

Introduction At a time when some states are cutting back on their investment in education, Governor Bill Haslam of Tennessee is expanding on the state's college education initiative ( by extending tuition-free education to adults through the...

Education, Economy, and National Security

Introduction For several years I've been inspired by the program, a 'college for all program' created by a conservative Republican governor Bill Haslam. Making higher education more accessible is a strategy used by conservatives and those in...

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