Welcome to the Activist Resource Group

“We can’t focus our energy on the problems…
We must focus on solutions
that make those problems irrelevant.”
– Gregory Johnson


The Activist Resource Group has been developed to serve socially minded people who have a sincere desire to make the world a better place. We hope to offer you some helpful resources, products, services, and support that will help make your efforts more fruitful. We also serve as an outreach and educational service to the public.


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Justice Center

Justice system news at the Johnson County Justice Center.

Palestine Israel News

For news of collaborative peace efforts in the Middle East, visit PalestineIsraelNews.com

Inspiring Advertising

Inspiring advertising can be a form of activism that impacts our world. View some now.

Articles About Activism

“What are You Hungry For” With Coach Ginn

Inspiring Advertising Businesses are repurposing their advertising and marketing budgets and instead spending that money to create inspiring advertising uplifting stories that help make the world a better place. The following ad from Stouffer's is an example. Coach...

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Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin – Released from Prison

On Thursday, 29 April 2010, I testified in Federal Court as a witness in the case of the United States v. Rubashkin. When I say I was a witness, I hadn't witnessed a crime. I had witnessed the absence of a crime. That's what I was in court to testify about. The case...

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We’re Draining the Wrong End of the Swamp

It's disappointing to see that some of the best people in politics are often marginalized, bullied, personally attacked, and in other ways deterred from continuing in public service. Moderates and those working across the isle are often criticized by extremists in...

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Is Violence an Effective Tool of Resistance and Protest?

Responding to Racism with Violence or Peaceful Protest Is Violence Ever Acceptable in the Face of Hate Groups? Richard Cohen, President of The Southern Poverty Law Center, and Mark Bray, Author, “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” debate the tactics used by white...

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Five Levels of Race Awareness

Having lived over half a century in America and with some experience traveling to other countries, I've observed what could be referred to as Five Levels of Race Awareness which can help provide a framework for understanding and discussing race issues. LEVEL 1 -...

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Resources for Combating Racism

One approach to combatting racism is to have violent clashes with white supremacists and Nazis at rallies. However, these street fights may result in an even more committed group of racists with few defectors. Below are some resources that provide an insight into...

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Activism Defined

Ideally, activists would be like the white blood cells of culture and society attempting to bring about a more healthy and life supporting world. Being an activist isn’t a radical thing. It simply means that you are active. It means that you are passionate about something. It means that you believe tomorrow can be a better day than yesterday if we live responsibly today. It means you have hope for a better future. You can be an activist about anything: church, education, politics, the environment, human rights. Find your passion and grow in it.

Featured Activist Links. Below are some featured links to resources for impacting the world.

Faith and Activism. Most religions include as a central tenant the concept of social action, social change, and healing the world. People from all generations, and numerous religions have found a connection between faith and activism. Faith can provide the hope, courage, strength, and determination required to contribute toward positive change in the world. Below is an excerpt from the Tanya.

ולכן אמרו רבותינו ז״ל במדרש: ראה הקדוש ברוך הוא בצדיקים שהם מועטים, עמד
ושתלן ככל דור ודור

“The Almighty saw that the righteous were few, so He arose and planted them in every generation.” Tanya 1:25-26


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