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Summary. There are few things we can do that save time, save money, improve our health, and improve our environment. Using a bottleless water cooler is one such act that can have a huge impact in many areas.

Health Benefits. We know that the choice to drink water instead of sweetened drinks can help with weight loss and improve overall wellness.

Water Quality. Yet, not all water is the same. While bottled water has become an icon for purity, studies show that municipal water is a more reliable source for pure water because of higher standards in quality and testing. Bottled water is also very expensive, even when purchased in bulk or delivered in 5-gallon containers.

Flavor. Of course, municipal water doesn’t always have the best flavor. So, what’s the best alternative?

Filtered Water Cooler Benefits. Filtered water coolers (bottleless water coolers) offer the higher purity and quality control of municipal water, with the additional benefits of on-site filtering. There’s also no need to worry about bottle delivery, or keeping extra full and empty bottles stored somewhere. With options such as activated carbon and RO processing, your water can be as pure as you’d like.

Money Savings. The annual cost of having bottled water delivered can be very high. Filtered water coolers save time and save money while providing a more reliable source of clean water.

Environmental Impact. The time and energy required to recycle bottles is considerable, and sadly, many bottles end up in landfill rather than getting recycled. For those who utilize reusable 5-gallon containers, there’s still an environmental impact of having a truck deliver the water. According to the Environmental Capital Group, the positive environmental impact of even a single company, like Quench for example, is estimated to be equal to having planted over 4 million trees. [More…]

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Full Disclosure. We’ve been promoting the benefits of proper hydration and the importance of pure water for years. Recently, Quench decided to become a supporter of ResourcesForLife.com. Despite their support, our reporting continues to be broad, inclusive, and balanced.

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