Rocketfish 52mm Camera UV Lens Filter Protection

8 January 2013



Product Description

Using a UV camera lens filter is a good way to protect your lens from scratches, dust, or impact damage without degrading photo quality. High-end UV filters can cost anywhere from $100 to over $300. The low-end UV filters can be purchased for around $10 or less. However, some people complain about light reflections on non-coated inexpensive UV lens filters. Learn more about the lens filter shown above by visiting the Rocketfish product page.

Product Features

Compatible with most digital cameras with a 52mm lens: For a snug fit.
Improves image clarity: Without affecting color intensity.
High-quality optical glass: Protects your lens from dirt, dust and scratches.

Product Packaging

Below is the product packaging for this UV lens filter.

Rocketfish UV Camera Filter 52mm

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