Balsamic Vinegar Of Reggio Emilia Gold Seal – Over 75 Years Old – Premium Aged Gourmet Vinegar at $287 Per Bottle

20 February 2013



At $287 Per Bottle It’s Gotta Be Good!

The Cavalli brothers stand in front of a 300-year-old tradition of Balsamic Vinegar production, as sons of Ferdinando Cavalli, founder of the Consortium, the quality control organization of the vinegar-producing town of Reggio Emilia.

The traditional shape of the bottle is a mark of authenticity and guarantee of quality, making this one of the highest-quality Balsamic Vinegars ever produced. This tradizionale-style Aceto Balsamico is rich and highly aromatic, sweeter in flavor and finish than other traditional balsamic vinegars. [Buy Now]


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