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Summary. This What’s New page highlights some of the new pages, changes, updates, and significant news relating to the ResourcesForLife.com website. When new pages are added to the site, they do not show up in the aggregate listing documents page or RSS feed because they are pages and not articles or documents. To view all of the most recently added articles and documents, visit our documents page. To subscribe to our RSS Feed use the Direct Feed Page Address or Google Feedburner. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Recent Site Updates. Below is news of pages recently added or updated as well as other news about our site.

      • Hindi and Chinese. The Hindi and Chinese renderings of the Resources for Life name  [ जीवन के लिए संसाधन | 生命资源 ] have been removed from the main page of the site because many computers and browsers don’t support those fonts. (20120308th0846)
      • Consumer Defense. The Consumer Defense Resource Group has recently been upgraded from a page to a multi-page sub-website with its own custom header. (20120223th2252)
      • Vision Health, Optics, and Eye Care. This article has been upgraded to a page. (20120219su1132)
      • Iowa City Photography Artist. The new website by Greg Johnson has been announced. (20120210fr2340)
      • Small House Society Directory of Paying Members, Supporters, and Donors. In a move toward greater transparency, the Small House Society directory of paying members is now being published. (20120117tu1124)
      • Apple and Ethics. Our document on Apple and Ethics has been upgraded from a post to a page. (20120112th2051)
      • Advertising Guidelines. We’ve provided an expanded clarification of our Advertising Guidelines for those wishing to advertise on our website. (20120112th0300)
      • Shop Responsibly. Our guide to socially responsible shopping has recently been upgraded to a page and expanded. (20120110tu1041)
      • Weight Loss. The weight loss system has been improved and upgraded from a post to a page. (20111214we0553)
      • Advertising Upgrade. In September 2011 we had a site-wide upgrade to advertising. We’ve hand-picked affiliate programs and merchant partners that we’ve pre-approved, and we’re also using some content aware and context relevant Google AdSense advertisements that we’re continually tweaking. (20110930fr2250)
      • New ResourcesForLife.com YouTube Channel. We’ve established a new YouTube channel for new content. The old channel will remain as an archive. (20110930fr2202)
      • Store Menu Expanded Options. The Store page menu navigation option has been expanded to include more drop down options and submenus. (20110923fr0600)
      • About Menu Expanded Options. The About page menu navigation option has been expanded to include more drop down options and submenus. (20110923fr0530)
      • Technology Services Resource Group – New Header. A freshly designed header has been added to the TSRG web pages. (2011021we2214)
      • Drop Down Navigation Menus. From the navigation menu bar at the top of the page, there are now drop down menu choices. Some of these expand out to provide more options. This creates an easy and organized method for presenting and navigating the site quickly. (20110916fr1341)
      • Online Dating. There’s now a page under Relationships dedicated to online dating resources. (20110916fr1340)
      • Life Map used for training in South Africa. Starting in September 2011, our Life Map is being used for workshops on life balance in South Africa. Many thanks for Zoe-Life for utilizing the map in their training. (20110909fr1214)
      • Relationship Resource Group. This resource group has recently been updated to include the relationship pie chart that represents a sub category of the main life map. (20110907we1407)
      • Small House Plans. The old small house plans posting has been converted into a page under small house resources. (20110901th2257)
      • Testimonials. A fresh testimonial has been added to the Technology Services page. (201108312258)
      • Greg Johnson. A custom header theme has been added for Greg Johnson’s pages. (20110607tu2222)

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