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Summary. Many events in life are on a natural monthly cycle such as newsletters, meetings, bills, and other items. Set time aside to do these things.

  • Charity. It is a good idea to give to charitable organizations at least once a month. Guidelines for giving can be found on the Activist Resource Group Resources Page.
  • Finances. Having a single day each month when you pay bills can alleviate the stress of dealing with finances throughout the month. Living on significantly less than what you are earning can help. More information is available at the Financial Resource Group.
  • Personal Update. Write a personal update to a small core of family and friends who can provide you with positive feedback and suggestions for improvement. Consider writing about the seven areas of life represented on the Resources for Life Map Page.
  • Newsletter. Write a more public update like an open journal to a wider audience of friends – this could be in the form of a blog entry once a month. Monthly writings tend to cause us to set priorities with regard to what we’ll write about. Since we tend to pick from a longer “wish list” of topics, we’ll select the very best. This generally results in better writing since our interest and enthusiasm are higher for the few topics chosen.
  • Writing. Set realistic goals for writing such as monthly contributions to any blogs you are a contributing editor for. Having regular writing goals keep you in the habit of writing.

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