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Tomorrow will be better than yesterday because of
our choices and actions today
.” – Gregory Johnson

Women at desk with world map in the background.Activists are to society as white blood cells and antioxidants are to the body. They help improve the environment, our educational systems, the political process, wellness promotion, social services, and bring healing to the world.

By empowering activists, we boost the immune system of the planet.

Although this website is primarily for the purpose of serving to empower activists, anyone can benefit from the information and principles offered.

START HERE: Our Life Map is a good place to start for self-assessing how balanced your life is.

Through sponsor and visitor support, we’re like the NPR or PBS of the Internet; offering content without obtrusive or irrelevant advertising. This site serves a growing global community of Internet travelers and residents.

This page provides a brief introduction to who we are and what this site is all about:

“Better living through quality products, services,
and other resources on and off the Internet.”

History. Resources for Life began back in the 20th Century as one of the original Internet communities.

Who We Are. Simply put: We are you! Much of the content on this site is reflective of the many visitors and members from around the world who contribute content and offer feedback. We call it Co-op Internet. It’s a new way of building communities on the Internet. Site design, editing, and layout are all provided by Resources for Life Technology Services free of charge. Send us your favorite stories, links, photos, and other content. We will spell-check, edit, and format the content and then put it on the site.

Mission. Our mission, purpose, goal, and passion is…

Holistically empowering all people to achieve their greatest potential so they may cooperatively work together in bringing permanent healing and peace to the entire earth, which includes:

Content. The information on this site includes documents, articles, writings, and reference information that is concise yet effective when applied. The content includes global, national, and local (Iowa City) information. Resources for other countries and cities may be added in the future. For more information, refer to our document on Content Posting Workflow Best Practice Guidelines.

A Model Website. This website is maintained and designed with best practices so that it can be used as a template or example for others to follow. We’re not saying the layout and design are the best in the world, but the general structure of the site and categories of information offered are something that every website can benefit from having.

No Advertising. Our site has no annoying advertising such as banner ads, pop-up ads, and animated Java ads. Instead, we offer unobtrusive relevant links, when appropriate, to products available through our online store. When links are provided to external sites, every effort is made to ensure that sites we link to do not use pop-up advertising or deceptive advertising. As of September 2008, we began testing Google AdSense context relevant text ads at the bottom of a few pages on our site.

Visitor Feedback and Analysis Usage. In addition to responding to visitor feedback and email, we use two services to evaluate how people arrive at our site and how they use our site: Google AnalyticsQuantcast, and StatCounter. By evaluating website usage reports, we are able to invest more time into web pages that are being used more frequently. Content can be expanded and improved to better serve the needs of our site visitors. We’re able to see what search results are sending people to our site and then provide expanded information to serve those searches better. When people land on our site, we want them to have found exactly what they were looking for. Even without any direct feedback from site visitors, we’re able to make changes to the site based on visitor experiences. Using these methods and others, our efforts are focused effectively and efficiently where they will produce the greatest good. Our Privacy Statement ensures that your information will not be sold or shared to third-parties for commercial use. We use Ping-o-Matic to broadcast our feed.

Shared Files. We use Box.net for file sharing. When files are available, they will be posted to our public storage area on the Box.net website.

Website Expansion. If you are a returning visitor, you’ll notice that the website design has changed. Beginning in January 2008, we began renovating and expanding the site. As new pages are created and updated, links will be offered to relevant products in our store. Until we get the entire site converted over, many of the old pages will still be accessible in their original locations. Click here for the original home page. Thanks for your patience during this time. We hope to offer information pages with links to articles. Throughout the site, we hope to include relevant supporting photos, artwork, cartoons, quotes, video, and audio — some original, some commissioned, and some available from the Creative Commons. Content being migrated to our new site design comes from five primary sources:

Donations. If you would like to support the work of Resources for Life, consider making a donation. Checks can be mailed to our address below, or you can make a secure online donation with Credit/Debit card using Paypal.