Welcome to the Activist Resource Group

“We can’t focus our energy on the problems…
We must focus on solutions
that make those problems irrelevant.”
– Gregory Johnson


The Activist Resource Group has been developed to serve socially minded people who have a sincere desire to make the world a better place. We hope to offer you some helpful resources, products, services, and support that will help make your efforts more fruitful. We also serve as an outreach and educational service to the public.


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Justice Center

Justice system news at the Johnson County Justice Center.

Palestine Israel News

For news of collaborative peace efforts in the Middle East, visit PalestineIsraelNews.com

Inspiring Advertising

Inspiring advertising can be a form of activism that impacts our world. View some now.

Articles About Activism

PAWS & More Animal Shelter Needs Your Old Tech Devices

PAWS & More Animal Shelter Needs Your Old Tech Devices

3 Jan 2020 Greetings Friends, Right now is a great opportunity to help out the animals at PAWS & More Animal Shelter. The team that runs the shelter is in need of some iPads and laptop computers for a new shelter management system. I'm planning to collect the...

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Why College Athletes Don’t Get Paid

Why College Athletes Don’t Get Paid

College sports have become a multi-billion dollar industry, but the NCAA's regulations prohibit amateur athletes from profiting off their abilities to go pro. But a new lawsuit could completely uped the NCAA and the college athletic business model. VICE News' Gianna...

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Self-Quiz: Should we have children?

Self-Quiz: Should we have children?

Below is a self-survey with a list of questions and considerations to ask before planning to have children. This survey isn't intended to provoke a specific answer. Such surveys do exist — trying to convince people that having children is horrible or wonderful. There...

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Dark Patterns Attempt to Manipulate and Control Consumers

Dark Patterns Attempt to Manipulate and Control Consumers

Dark Patterns are attempts by advertisers and content designers to manipulate consumers into taking actions that companies desire (like purchasing something) while making it difficult or confusing to take actions companies don't want (such as canceling an account or...

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Activism Defined

Ideally, activists would be like the white blood cells of culture and society attempting to bring about a more healthy and life supporting world. Being an activist isn’t a radical thing. It simply means that you are active. It means that you are passionate about something. It means that you believe tomorrow can be a better day than yesterday if we live responsibly today. It means you have hope for a better future. You can be an activist about anything: church, education, politics, the environment, human rights. Find your passion and grow in it.

Featured Activist Links. Below are some featured links to resources for impacting the world.

Faith and Activism. Most religions include as a central tenant the concept of social action, social change, and healing the world. People from all generations, and numerous religions have found a connection between faith and activism. Faith can provide the hope, courage, strength, and determination required to contribute toward positive change in the world. Below is an excerpt from the Tanya.

ולכן אמרו רבותינו ז״ל במדרש: ראה הקדוש ברוך הוא בצדיקים שהם מועטים, עמד
ושתלן ככל דור ודור

“The Almighty saw that the righteous were few, so He arose and planted them in every generation.” Tanya 1:25-26


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