Benefits of Advertising With Us


Summary. is read by over 60,000 unique visitors every month. When we’ve been featured in the news, we’ve had as many as 70,000 visits in a single day. Since 2008, we’ve had over 1.7 million unique visitors to our site. Weekly we have regular visitors from over 100 countries.

Dedicated, Thoughtful, and Purposeful Readers. What’s unique about our site visitors is that they aren’t like window shoppers pointlessly meandering through a shopping mall. Our site visitors are like the customer who purposefully drives across town to that one shop because they feel it’s their best choice for quality, value, and service.

“For most websites, visitor statistics reflect the aimless wandering masses prodded by advertising — visiting AOL, Facebook, MSN, or Yahoo multiple times a day and reading over the latest tabloid sensationalized news stories force fed to them. The titillating stories, photos, and videos flash by on the user’s screen and are quickly forgotten — the latest war, natural disaster, human tragedy, or celebrity gossip like cotton candy melts quickly and is gone. A slight adrenaline sugar rush peaks then fades. This is the stuff of superficial web surfing.” ~ Greg Johnson

Genuine and Organic Traffic. Our site traffic isn’t generated by television advertising or paid advertising on other sites. Those who come to are here because they sought out our site and content – usually the result of a search or organic/voluntary link from another site.

“When websites artificially bring visitors to their site, those visitors generally have a low level of commitment. Website ads designed to generate curiosity don’t necessarily convert to a committed reader.” ~ Greg Johnson

Authentic and Unique Content. Our content isn’t manufactured with a goal of maintaining high output of new content regardless of demand or quality.

“When sites manufacture content, the story topics are usually well covered already, or the content reads like a high school student’s homework assignment — lacking in enthusiasm or relevance; simply a collection of words strung together to form a sentence in an effort to hopefully meet the assignment’s page requirement.” ~ Greg Johnson

Beyond Advertising. Our promotional campaigns go way beyond traditional advertising. We integrate your company, service, product, and/or brand into our entire site and applicable social networking channels to achieve a broad and effective impact.

“Many advertising campaigns fail because they don’t reach the right audience. Some that do reach the right audience, are too repetitive to the point of being ignored or perceived as a nuisance. At advertising is informative and reaches an audience eager to learn about new products and services. We go beyond traditional advertising by offering reviews and deep social network integration.” ~ Greg Johnson

Site Visitors. The maps below are a snapshot from the morning of 27 May 2012 show a typical representation of where our site visitors come from. Click the images for a larger view.