Advertising Disclosure


Summary. This document describes our advertising disclosure policy and why such practices are necessary. The practices described on this page are those we’ve always adhered to even prior to the wide-spread use of the Internet. They are more stringent than any government regulations about advertising disclosure.

Our Advertising Disclosure Policy. Unless otherwise indicated, the news stories, articles, documents, reviews, pages, and content on this website are not part of a paid advertising campaign. In an effort to remain impartial and unbiased, no compensation is/was received from any company in exchange for the creation of this content, nor is it connected to any customer rewards or incentive programs. This encompasses content created by us for YouTube, numerous social networks, and any product or company reviews on websites such as Amazon or eBay. Our content completely voluntary and not influenced by incentives or pressure from any company or its competitors. Advertising on our site is clearly marked and in most cases, for clarity, intentionally kept separate from genuine content. Income generated through this website is primarily from consulting services, sales through our own store, and affiliate links. In rare cases where sponsorship is involved for a page, that is clearly stated.

For any paid advertising that promotes our site, services, or products, we request that the above guidelines and best practices are followed.

Why Disclosure is Needed. Because some companies and advertisers have been known to create or pay for fake news stories and product reviews, the Federal Trade Commission has established disclosure regulations to ensure that consumers can distinguish between paid advertising and genuine impartial news, product reviews, and content. [More…]

“A friend of mine was called by a local network television station news reporter expressing an interest in producing a short news segment about his new business. As the conversation progressed, it soon became clear that a payment was required to be covered in their news show as compensation for the positive exposure and public awareness it would generate. My friend was shocked by the duplicity of this and turned down the offer.” ~ Gregory Johnson (2008)