Advertising Guidelines, Terms, Policies, Contract, and Agreement


Summary. For the wellbeing of our site and those who rely on the quality of the content we provide, advertising must meet our guidelines and criteria.

These rules are also a benefit to advertisers and ensure that ads or links don’t result in blacklisting by search engines.

With over a decade of Internet content delivery experience, we’re able to optimize our site and the advertising to serve everyone’s needs. Above all, advertising on our site must be ethical, honest, and truthful.

By advertising with us, you agree to these terms.

Qualifications. Below are some reasons why advertising may be rejected or subsequently removed. We enforce stringent quality controls to maintain our site rankings for the benefit of all who advertise with us. As stated below, refunds will not be issue to advertisers who we deem have failed to meet our qualification standards.

  • If the site we’re advertising or linking to becomes flagged by Google as blacklisted or identified by security review sites as containing malware.
  • If it is believed that a site we link to causes ours to drop in rankings for any reason. Advertising that causes our site to drop in search engine rankings may be the result of deliberate attempts by our competitors to cause our site to drop from the top listings.
  • If a link or advertisement is irrelevant to our site or the page it is being posted on.
  • Advertising submitted with typographical errors is also grounds for non-acceptance or subsequent removal.
  • Advertisers who ask for their ads to be posted without any indication that thy are sponsored ads are in violation of United States Federal Government regulations regarding truth in advertising and disclosure. These laws are upheld by the Federal Trade Commission and we make every effort to abide by them.

Refund Policy. Refunds will not be issued to advertisers who we determine have not complied with one or more of the above stated guidelines. This is because payments for advertising usually does little more than cover the initial labor involved in placing the ads. Also, if our site is downgraded in search engines as a result of your advertising, then we have incurred damages and losses as a result of placing your ads or links, and we can’t further insure the loss of a refund for something that’s already caused us financial loss. For example, a significant drop in site traffic can result in a drop in revenue from pay-per-click or pay-per-view campaigns.

Auditing. We regularly audit our advertisements for compliance with the above guidelines. With Google AdSense, we block ads that don’t comply with the above guidelines. For static ads and paid links, in cases where there has been a significant drop in traffic to our site, and we’ve dropped in search rankings, we will remove recently added advertisements to determine their negative impact on our site. Because we limit our advertising partnerships, it’s fairly easy to determine the cause of a negative impact on our site.