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US setting records as Covid-19 cases soar (CNN, 5 Jul 2020)

CNN’s Phil Mattingly looks into the latest numbers of the coronavirus pandemic as case counts continue to rise throughout the nation.

Report from New York, New Orleans, and Elsewhere (NBC News, 25 Mar 2020)

Governor Andrew Cuomo estimates that in three weeks, coronavirus cases will hit their high point, though there are fears that New York City’s density and residents leaving town could exacerbate the spread. There are new cases popping up around the country as more than half the nation has orders for residents to stay home.


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California – San Francisco “Shelter-in-Place”


Today Show (5 Jul 2020)


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New York

10 Apr 2020 – Update via Facebook.

[Below] New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called on the U.S. government for more supplies and resources as the number of new cases of COVID-19 in the state jumped to 4800 in a single day. So far, 61,000 have been tested for the novel coronavirus disease in New York. (Global News, 22 Mar 2020)


“This week has been one of dramatic interruption to our way of life. A pandemic has cancelled schools, forced many to work from home or not work at all, and raised questions about when life can get back to normal and what our economy will look like when it does — not to mention the largest earthquake to hit our state since 1992. While we welcome extra time with family, Utahns are an industrious people and sitting idle just isn’t in our nature.” Jon Huntsman, 20 Mar 2020. [More…]

Video Message from Jon Huntsman (19 Mar 2020)