COVID-19 Visualizations, Maps and Charts

Here are some links to COVID-19 visualizations. They are listed alphabetically by source.

  • AreaVibes – Various charts and state-by-state data. [View]
  • BBC – Charts, graphs, tables, reports, and maps. [View]
  • CDC – Charts and map of U.S. cases by state. [View]
  • ECDC – European CDC maps and charts. [View]
  • Esri’s StoryMaps – An ArcGIS StoryMaps interactive visual guide. [View]
  • Kaiser Family Foundation – Interactive world map, table, chart. [View]
  • Microsoft Bing – Live world map dashboard. [View]
  • – Time lapse world map showing global spread and outbreak. [View]
  • – Map showing infections by county and helpful resources. [View]
  • Johns Hopkins – Live world map dashboard. [View]
  • South China Morning Post – Charts, maps, illustrations, and guidelines. [View]
  • University of Virginia – Interactive charts and world map visuals with time lapse viewer. [View]
  • University of Washington – Interactive charts and world map visuals. [View]
  • WHO – Interactive map and downloadable spreadsheet of data. [View]

Some unofficial sources of information such as Worldometer are not listed above because they are heavily advertising sponsored which makes them look very unprofessional. However, their data could be useful.

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Selected Visualization Samples

For the convenience of those in our area who visit this site, these resources below are listed from local to global. Note that the images below are not actively updated. They are visual samples. Click on any image below to visit the live resources. 

Iowa Cases by County (via The Gazette)

This map is regularly updated to reflect the Iowa Department of Public Health official count of COVID-19 positive cases. [View]

New York Times – Careers Impacted by COVID-19

As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the United States, people with jobs that put them in physical contact with many others are at the greatest risk of becoming sick. These are the businesses that are cutting back or closing, causing many to become suddenly unemployed. [View]

US Health Weather Map by Kinsa

The U.S. Health Weather Map is a visualization of seasonal illness linked to fever – specifically influenza-like illness. The aggregate, anonymized data visualized here is a product of Kinsa’s network of Smart Thermometers and the accompanying mobile applications. Kinsa is providing this map and associated charts as a public service. [View]

Des Moines Register U.S. Coronavirus Map

Track coronavirus outbreaks across the US and in your state with daily updated maps and total cases. [View]


Glogal Dashboard by Andrzej Leszkiewicz

Andrzej Leszkiewicz has developed a visualization dashboard of COVID-19 data as well as many other realtime charts available in the Table of Contents from his dashboard as shown below. [View]

Johns Hopkins – Realtime Global Cases Map

Johns Hopkins University has developed a realtime map of global cases shown below. [View]

Global Data by Avi Schiffmann

Avi Schiffmann runs the coronavirus tracking website used by 40+ million globally. [View]