For many people, the rise of Donald Trump has been perplexing. Trump has spent millions of dollars of his own money, seemingly in an effort to offend as many people as possible, beginning with harsh criticisms of the Republican party and all it’s top leadership. He’s an equal opportunity offender, insulting Black, White, Mexican, Muslim, Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals, men and women. He’s repeatedly criticized ‘the press’ (all journalists) as being the worst people ever.

Some of his proposals are thought to be unenforceable and preposterous such as: deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants, punishing any women who have had an abortion, using torture during interrogations of terrorists, and militarizing our schools (allowing guns in schools).

Despite all of this, his disapproval rating, once at 75% is now down to 60% and continues to decline. He fills stadiums with cheering supporters.

The videos below help make a distinction between the traveling stage show Donald Trump and who Donald Trump really is. They are offered here to provide a more accurate depiction of who Donald Trump is and why some people like him. While people may disagree with him on issues and policies, these videos will at least help remove that demonization that sometimes happens during campaigning.

Larry King

Lynne Patton “The Trump Family That I Know” – A Black Female Trump Executive Speaks

Ivanka Trump on female empowerment, her company and Donald’s presidential run

CNN Donald Trump Town Hall With His Family

Pastor Mark Burns Fires up the Crowd at Donald Trump Rally in Charleston, WV