Our criticism of what we see can be a reflection of our internal bias and preconceived ideas. Like criticizing ink blots of a Rorschach Test, our criticism of the world around us can often be a criticism of our own bias. Last month, we published the article “Rorschach Test: Understanding the Donald Trump Star of David Controversy” that explored this theme.

Today an artistically created video from the Hillary Clinton campaign presents animated Rorschach Test ink blots and juxtaposes them with Donald Trump’s words on immigration (both spoken and printed). The videos are below in English and Spanish.

While some of the Clinton Campaign and mainstream media attacks on Trump have been superficial and exaggerated, or false, this campaign ad focuses on what Trump has said and lets voters decide what message resonates with them.

English – “Ink Blots” Ad

Spanish – “Ink Blots” Ad