Password Requirements

The password must meet these requirements:

  1. Must be at least 8 characters long
  2. A lowercase letter (e.g. abcde)
  3. An uppercase letter (e.g. ABCDE)
  4. A number (e.g. 123456)
  5. A symbol or a space (e.g. [email protected]#$%^)

Tips for choosing a password

  1. Avoid dictionary words.
  2. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  3. Use a combination of capital and lower case letters.
  4. If you use a word, try to combine multiple words, or use “made up” words.
  5. Avoid familiar items (names, phone number, etc).
  6. Avoid common passwords and generic sequences (ie. “password”, “admin”, “123456”, etc.).
  7. The more characters you use, the safer (use at least 8).

Protect your password

  1. Memorize your password, do not write it down.
  2. Do not share your password.
  3. Do not use the same password you use on other services (gmail, Yahoo, etc).
  4. Avoid using one password for all your logins.
  5. Avoid logging in from public computers.
  6. Change your password frequently.
  7. Be wary of allowing your password to be remembered by browser plugins or other utilities.


Source: The above guidelines are from BlueHost offered as guidelines for new email accounts. Updated 20161222th2003.