Are you getting a ‘balanced diet’ in the news you consume? Consuming news from a few diverse sources helps give you a broader understanding of what’s going on, and what news will likely to be influencing others you interact with.

It’s interesting to observe the impact of an election year on the map. Tensions and high stakes during an election can sometimes cause media outlets to move one direction or another.

The news media source bias map below shows a variety of news sources based on their general leanings and possible bias.

Sometimes an important news story won’t be covered or emphasized in the news sources you normally align with if it’s potentially critical of the ‘side’ you’re on (and they are on).

The map may reflect a slight bias on the part of those who created it, but it’s a helpful guideline. it’s likely that those under the ‘hyper-partisan’ and ‘utter garbage’ headings most likely don’t feel those characterization are fair. This news map was probably developed by someone who has their own slight bias as well.

Latest Media Map Version 3.1 (8 Nov 2017)

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Older Media Map Version


Document History

We first posted the above information on 3 Feb 2017. It was revised on 26 Jun 2018 to include the latest diagram. The source of the above information can be found here.