It’s disappointing to see that some of the best people in politics are often marginalized, bullied, personally attacked, and in other ways deterred from continuing in public service. Moderates and those working across the isle are often criticized by extremists in their respective parties. Innovative reformists and those willing to express concern or criticism about their own party are not appreciated for wanting to make their party better. Instead they are criticized and worn down. Those calling for civility are being shouted down.

Those initially supportive of the call to ‘drain the swamp’ were probably not imagining that exceptional public servants would be expelled from their career in public service. People likely assumed there’d be an effort to get rid of career politicians who were serving corporate interests rather than public interests. Yet, it seems like those serving the public interest are the ones being removed from Washington, while those serving private corporate interests are increasing.

Steve Bannon and others have made it very clear that they will be bringing people’s political careers to an end who don’t express 100% unwavering support our current president. There’s a desire to replace all independent thinkers with those who don’t ask questions but simply follow orders. That’s a dangerous way to run a democracy, and indeed a democracy can’t thrive in such conditions.

This past week, and in recent months, we’ve seen some good Republicans get publicly maligned for expressing concerns about the President. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders was marginalized for not following the mainstream message of his party. These are bad trends.

Below are some examples of those who have expressed concerns and been criticized for it. One of the reasons I think that citizens need to be aware of, involved in, and influencing multiple parties is because we need to support good people regardless of what party they belong to.

Jeff Flake Expresses Concerns

Jeff Flake gave the following speech on the Senate Floor expressing some legitimate concerns that should have been listened to and not criticized. Listening to such concerns and taking corrective action would produce a better Republican party, a better White House, and healthier more effective government.

Republicans React to Jeff Flake

Some Republicans spoke in support of Jeff Flake after he made the above speech.

John McCain Calls for Cooperation (25 Jul 2017)

In July 2017, John McCain gave an impassioned speech calling for more bi-partisan cooperation among those in government. He has since been marginalized by those who disagree with him.

Bob Corker Expresses Concerns

Bob Corker is another Republican who has been outspoken about his concerns regarding the President.

Marco Rubio Expresses Concern

In the following video, Marco Rubio expressed the increasing tone of violence and intolerance during the primary campaign.

Lindsey Graham Talks about Trump

This video is from 1 Aug 2017 on the Today Show.