If you have used a USB external Samsung SSD drive, your computer may display a message at startup similar to the one shown here.

This message is annoying and seemingly unnecessary. If you go to Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs, you might not see any Samsung software listed. So, there will be no obvious way to remove the software and prevent this pop-up message.

Instead, what you’ll need to do is install the latest version of the Samsung SSD software. During the installation process, all older versions of the software will be removed. Then, once the new software is installed, you’ll find it listed in the Control Panel > Add Remove software list, and you can remove it.

The software would have been on your new Samsung hard drive when you purchased it. If you’ve formatted your drive or erased those files, click here to download the latest Windows version of the Samsung Portable SSD T5 software.

UPDATE: Thanks to a comment below on 20 March 2019 from a WordPress.com user who goes by the name of DancingGentleman, we now have a link to the original files from Samsung available here: