Summary. The Olympus VN-5200PC is a high quality digital audio voice recorder that creates audio files in the WMV format (windows media audio files). Below is a video introduction showing how to use the unit. Be sure to leave the recorder set to the default setting of high quality and high microphone sensitivity. These settings are changed using the menu feature described in the video. In the display window, you should see “Hi” near the microphone symbol and “HQ” somewhere.

Purchase. You can purchase the Olympus VN-5200PC at our online store for about $50. If you’re in the Iowa City area, and would like to save on shipping costs, we’ll place the order for you for free 2nd-day shipping or $4 overnight shipping.

Video. This is a 10-minute introductory video showing the basic operation of the Olympus VN-5200PC Digital Audio Voice Recorder.