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Summary. Conflicting views, opinions, and information seem to exist on the Internet regarding the ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth business. Some people claim that ShopToEarn is a scam and a fraud. Others say it’s a great opportunity to save and earn money. This mix of viewpoints is partly due to the nature of the Internet. This report offers an ongoing independent review and evaluation of ShopToEarn being conducted by the Consumer Defense Resource Group. Feel free to contact us using the Contact link above if you have questions or comments.

Purpose. We’ve not received any complaints about ShopToEarn. This proactive evaluation is being conducted in an attempt to address common questions and possible concerns about the business. As a consumer advocacy organization, the Consumer Defense Resource Group recognizes that consumers need to make educated decisions in the marketplace for spending, saving, or earning money effectively. For this reason, misinformation about a company is a disservice to consumers. This is why we regularly conduct proactive company reviews like this one.

Video. Below we’ve provided an initial video introduction to ShopToEarn. If after watching the video you want to learn more, or if you’re interested in shopping with ShopToEarn, or would like a store of your own, visit the official website or contact anyone you know who is already a ShopToEarn member. Note: The example given in the video showing a link to our branded ShopToEarn store is for educational purposes only and not an effort to recruit anyone. Please do not contact us to join ShopToEarn.

Journal. Below is a regularly updated journal describing our experience and interactions with ShopToEarn. These entries are organized chronologically with the most recent at top. The date/timestamp format is yyyy mm dd dy hhhh which means that the date is provided in the format of year month day day-of-week and hour in 24-hour format (if applicable). The journal is written in first person by Gregory Johnson. Do not contact Gregory to sign-up with ShopToEarn because he will just tell you to sign-up with someone you know. He’s not recruiting people to join.

  • 20090505tu. Compliance. Last week, during my second week with the business, I discovered that I had inadvertently been non-compliant with a company policy regarding promoting the business. I’d posted some information on the web and in a video that used the ShopToEarn name with my store link and this was perceived to be self-promotion and/or could have been confused as being information from the company itself. Within a few days this issue was resolved.
  • 20090502sa. Fundraising. In visiting with my friends, I became really interested in the idea of how ShopToEarn could be used as a fundraising method for organizations. is one example of an organization using the ShopToEarn ShopToEarth as a method for fundraising.
  • 20090425sa. Learning. My first week with the business was spent learning (from the inside rather than from the outside looking in). I always find the best way to learn about something is through first-hand experiences. Having spent many hours setting up affiliate advertising links before, I was really impressed with how quick and easy it had been to join ShopToEarn and have many affiliate links setup automatically in the online store.
  • 20090417fr. Joining. Some friends of mine, who have long been involved in environmental efforts, told me about ShopToEarn. Because of my convergence of interests in the environment, business, online commerce, web-based affiliate marketing, fundraising, multiple streams of income, and consumer advocacy, I joined before I even finished watching the video tour on the company website. I paid the $448, and was immediately provided with an online branded store as promised. I decided to join as a broker so that my consumer advocacy review could be as expansive as possible and include every aspect of what ShopToEarn has to offer, although it seems to offer value at every level: for those who shop through the site as well as those who signup as brokers (and the levels in between).