Stage actor Cynthia Nixon, who has performed in over 30 broadway and off-broadway shows, is also known for her roles in over 80 movies and television shows. She played Nancy Reagan in the National Geographic Channel special Killing Reagan based on the book of the same name by conservative talkshow host Bill O’Reilly formerly of Fox News. She has received various awards including the Emmy Award, Grammy Award, and Tony Award.

Nixon advocates broader access to quality education, similar in some ways to what was implemented in Tennessee by Tennessee governor Bill Haslam, a conservative Republican. She supports some Libertarian positions, such as the legalization of marijuana (although she’s doesn’t consume marijuana).

In the interview below Nixon expresses concerns about the current U.S. president, sharing views similar to Republican conservative Mormons Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney and 2016 presidential candidate Evan McMullin. Her views on sustainable energy and clean air are similar to Mitt Romney.

Despite holding to seemingly conservative and mainstream views that seem rational and reasonable, and have been adopted and implemented by Republicans, she will likely be labeled a radical left-wing socialist extremist. The current Governor of New York suggested that perhaps Nixon was asked by Vladimir Putin to run against him. [Source]

The interview below provides a better understanding of Nixon, her views, and why she’s running for the position of governor of New York.


Campaign Ad

Here is a recent Cynthia Nixon campaign ad.


Below are some photos of Cynthia Nixon.