Summary. I’m encouraged to report that a video I helped produce for a client is now featured as one of the finalists in the Intuit $25,000 Small Business Grant competition. Out of many contestants, my client is in the top 50. Please take a moment to read this page and consider helping with a few minutes of your time.

About the Video. The video tells about the process Steve Kunert ( uses when he helps inventors improve their inventions and take them to the marketplace. Steve’s process is clear and simple, and is versatile enough to use with any business or personal situation. He describes the process in the video, using the example of the HALO Innovations developed Active-Airflow Crib Mattress (available at, which Steve helped improve. The mattress is designed to help reduce the chances of SIDS.

A Good Cause. I’m hoping Steve can win the $25,000 prize. I really feel that the invention, his business concept, and the engineering consulting he does are a very worthwhile. The HALO Active-Airflow Crib Mattress is a life-saving invention that is little known and the story needs to be shared with all parents. Any winnings that Steve receives will be used to help other promising inventors bring their ideas to market.

How You Can Help. Steve has a good chance of winning based on the merit of his story. However, 40% of the judges’ ratings will be based on the number of votes and quality of the comments each video gets. So, your vote is very important to helping “Halo for Haley” win. The video is online here:

If you like the video, then please take about three minutes to rate it and leave a nice comment by following these four easy steps:

  1. Click on the comment button or a rating button (a category) for the video. If you’re not signed into Intuit (which you probably won’t be), the login screen will appear.
  2. Sign-in using your Intuit ID and password or (more likely) click on Create an account if you’re new. When you create an account, provide an email address, pick an ID, password, screen name, and security question. It’s fairly quick. You may think that having already clicked on a rating (category) in step #1 that your selection would be recorded. However, you actually needed to go through step #2 above before you can rate and comment.
  3. Click on a rating for the video, such as Inspiring and Useful (you can choose both).
  4. Provide a comment. For example, I wrote: “This is both inspirational and also very helpful. It shows how an entrepreneur can use their business to help solve problems in a creative way, as long as they follow a focused plan of action.”

Benefits. As a result of the video submission, my client, Steve Kunert, and the other finalists in this competition already received $5,000 and a video camera. In this final phase of the competition, four winners will receive $10,000 and one will receive the $25,000 grand prize.

Share. Please help Steve do more good in the world by sharing this with family and friends. You can use the ShareThis link below or in the upper right corner of this page.


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