The world knows Gabby Giffords as a gun violence survivor and former congresswoman from Arizona who has emerged as a leader in the movement for common sense gun legislation. What the world doesn’t know is the amount work Gabby has to put in behind the scenes, every day, to be able to continue her work.

Giffords was shot in the head at close range at a constituent meeting in 2011. She survived the attack, but with critical injuries. Since that time, she and her husband, retired astonaut, Captain Mark Kelly, have dedicated their lives to ending gun violence.

“This isn’t about responsible gun ownership this is about the irresponsible people out there.,” Mark Kelly told VICE News. “The gun lobby says this these reforms are an infringement on your rights. They’re not. Nobody’s trying to take away anybody’s Second Amendment right, if you’re a responsible person.”

Gabby and Mark’s work for common sense gun legislation can be mentally and physically taxing. And for Gabby, it’s all the more grueling because of the challenges of her own injury. But that’s not stopping her from charging ahead — with her recovery, and with her cause.



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