Local organic farming is good for the environment, helps create jobs, builds community, fosters local economy, and promotes a culture of eating delicious nutritious fresh foods. This is why we promote, support, and buy from local organic farms in our area — like Marilyn Farms.

Marilyn Farms of Kalona Iowa is a family run farm, market, and cafe. Below are videos about Marilyn Farms, and you can learn more by visiting the MarilynFarms.com website.

Marilyn Farms Update w/ Zach McFerrin (7 Nov 2017)

Marilyn Farms Essential Multi Packs (15 Sep 2017)

Marilyn Farms Cafe and Market w/ Samantha Johnson (20 Jun 2017)

2016 Labor Day Celebration at Marilyn Farms (29 Aug 2016)

Marilyn Farms Presents: Isabel’s Fun Facts (10 May 2016)

Marilyn Farms 2016 Update w/ Phil & Marjorie Forbes (4 May 2016)

Marilyn Farms Product Update with Marjorie Forbes (14 Nov 2015)

An Introduction to Marilyn Farms with Phil Forbes (4 Nov 2014)