Democracy is supposed to function as a distributed form of collective self-governance with equal collaborative input and influence from all citizens. Just as an individual with self-control is free, a people who are self-governed through a democratic process are free.

However, if a small number of people gain controlling interest in the political system, it can can lead to the exploitation of a nation’s people, economy, resources, and intellectual capital for personal gain by a relatively small group of powerful and wealthy elites who are loyal only to their self interests.

Dark Money is a documentary, released by PBS, about hidden influencers that negatively impact U.S. democracy and political process, usurping control from regular citizens.


Here are some links resources for learning more about the film.

Trailer – Video Preview

Here’s the trailer for Dark Money.

Inspiration Behind the Film

In the video below, Kimberly Reed, director of Dark Money, discusses the inspiration for the film.