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20090617we-adobe-flash-video-flv-iconSummary. This page describes how to convert video from the Adobe Flash Video format (FLV) to some other format such as AVI, DV Stream, Image Sequence, iPhone format, MPEG-4, QuickTime, or Windows Media.

Instructions. If the video needed is on YouTube, read our instructions for getting FLV videos from YouTube. Otherwise, follow the instructions below to convert an existing FLV already on your computer.

  1. Purchase Apple QuickTime Pro for $30 (soon to be free in Snow Leopard).
  2. On the Apple website, download and install the free Perian 3 Video QuickTime Codecs Player Plugin developed by Christopher Forsythe.
  3. Now your QuickTime Player will play FLV videos and export them to any of the available QuickTime export formats.

Thanks. Thanks to for making this possible. Unfortunately, as of 20090617we the website was non-responsive. However, the download from Apple’s website (linked above) seems to work fine.