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20090617we-energy-fair-renew-earth-institute-logoSummary. This weekend, June 19-21, is the 20th Anniversary Energy Fair at the ReNew the Earth Institute in Custer, WI. The cost is $15/day or $35/weekend. The event is hosted and sponsored by the MREA (Midwest Renewable Energy Association). Learn more about the MREA online:

  • Facebook – This page is still active as of 25 Oct 2020.
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  • – The official MREA website including the event information page (/energy_fair.php) are no longer available as of 25 Oct 2020.
  • Twitter – No longer available as of 25 Oct 2020. The old username was @TheMREA on Twitter.

20090617we-midwest-renewable-energy-association-logoImpact. Last year more than 22,500 attendees came to the fair. This year there are more than 290 exhibit booths and 200 workshops that focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable living.

Special Music and Presenters. Key note speakers include Antonia Juhasz, Alan Weisman and Wendy Williams. Music includes Patchouli, Mark Little and Michelle Schocked on Saturday night. See website and the event information page for more information.

Smaller Living. The small home movement is getting big. Sonya Newenhouse, President of Madison Environmental Group, Inc. will give a talk, Small Homes and Green Building, Sunday at 10am. She’ll share her enthusiasm for marrying the small home movement with the green building movement. She’ll provide a short history of small homes and the environmental, economical and social benefits of living in one. The presentation will also include ideas on how to live small in your current home. She’ll end the presentation describing a new small, smart sustainable home venture, Casa Kit Homes. These homes are inspired by Sears Roebuck kit homes and the Passive House Principles.