20090906su-flowers-zoom-blur-800x600-DSC09456Summary. Some anecdotal experience suggests that yoga practice may help reduce or eliminate dizziness.

Resources. Here are a few articles on the topic.

  • – My experience with natural treatments for vertigo – “I did yoga and other stretching exercises to relax the muscles in and around my head, ears and neck. I think this relieved pressure on my ears and also helped to stop the vertigo.”
  • – Bikram Yoga Asanas – “Ardha–Matsyendrasana helps cure vertigo and dizziness”
  • – Yoga Postures for Vertigo – “Yoga has a direct effect on the sympathetic nervous system. It helps to improve the blood circulation to the head and other parts of the body and increases the efficiency of the central nervous system. Yoga postures can help to alleviate dizziness and restore a sense of balance. Some of the Yoga poses that are beneficial for vertigo are the Mala Asana (Garland pose), Salamaba Sirsasana (head stand), Hala Asana (Plough posture), Paschimottana Asana (Back bend), and Shrava Asana (Corpse Pose). Other Yoga techniques that are beneficial for the treatment of vertigo include the Nadi Sodhana Pranayama and the Sanmukhi Mudra.”

Video. Below is a video with Gregory Johnson discussing yoga as a cure for vertigo.