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20090930we-hanyu-chinese-online-normal-universitySummary. The International College of Chinese Studies at East China Normal University offers Hanyu Online (汉语网), which is an online Chinese study website that requires three True Type fonts for the site to be viewed properly. This page describes how to install the necessary fonts.

Instructions. The instructions found on the Hanyu Online website may be difficult to follow for some people. So, the following simple instructions may be helpful.

  1. Download the three fonts (using right click and save): pinyin.ttf, pinyindx.ttf, and tone.ttf.
  2. Find Fonts in the Windows Control Panel alphabetically in Classic View or under Appearance and Personalization for normal view.
  3. When you click on the Fonts folder icon, a window will open showing the fonts folder contents.
  4. Click and drag the fonts to the fonts folder and this will install them.
  5. Now your browser should perform the proper font substitution and display the pages and text correctly.
  6. You may also need to Install Files for East Asian Languages as described o the Hanyu Online (汉语网) website here. It’s likely you’ll need your original Windows installation media (CD or DVD) to do this.

If you have questions or need more help, visit the Hanyu Online (汉语网) website.


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