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Summary. The HP PhotoSmart Premium C309g printer-copier-scanner with TouchSmart technology has a touch screen interface similar to the iPhone in operation and appearance.

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Consumer Reports Rating. In a recent Consumer Reports Evaluation of All-in-One printer/scanner/copier machines, the HP Photosmart Premium was ranked as #1.

Networking. Because the device is accessible through a wireless network, and offers a local web interface for operation, it is usable by an iPhone. This means, you can scan images directly to your iPhone.

iPod and iPhone Compatible. With the free HP iPrint Photo iPhone App, available at the iTunes store, you can print photos from your iPhone directly to the printer with excellent results.

Ink Costs. This printer is able to use low-cost inkjet cartridges from HP. So, refills can be as little as $10 per cartridge. However, greater value is achieved by purchasing the XL (high capacity) cartridges at about $18 each for color (four are needed) and $35 for the XL black ink cartridge. The cost to replace all ink is about $107 for about 750 to 800 pages estimated output (about 13 cents per page for ink). High capacity ink cartridges are more economical because each time a cartridge is removed, there is usually a little ink left over, so replacing less frequently reduces that wasted ink. We recommend genuine HP inkjet supplies for the HP Photosmart Premium 309g.

  • Special Savings Tip. For optimal print quality, the printer always uses the photo black ink along with the regular black ink. However, when printing, you can disable the photo black ink. This will result in using the more economical large capacity standard black ink. Also, in the draft mode, the printer is much faster and the print quality is perfectly fine. Below is an example of optimal settings on an Apple computer.
HP Photosmart Premium 309g Optimal Printer Settings for Using Less Ink

Video. Below is a video with Gregory Johnson explaining some of the benefits of the HP PhotoSmart Premium C309g.

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