20091019mo-hp-logo-iconProblem Summary. When starting Windows XP or Windows Vista, there may be a message stating that a SolutionCenter disk is needed for installation. There is apparently a component needing to be installed as part of the HP suite of software. Without the disk, the message will keep popping up multiple times. Unfortunately, if you go to check, you’ll find that there doesn’t seem to be any HP Solution Center software installed in the computer, even when using the Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to view the installed programs. So, if  a person wanted to remove it and reinstall it, the removal would be impossible. Installation of the software would also be difficult since the HP website offers no download of any Solution Center program. There is a document on the HP website that describes the Solution Center Software in detail and how to get it for Windows Vista or Windows XP. In summary, there is no product from HP called the Solution Center that you can download. However, the Solution Center software is embedded in the Full Featured software for your printer/device. HP describes this problem also as it relates to the Product Assistant error message.

Problem Solution. Follow these instructions to resolve this issue and several others.

  1. Go to the HP Support page for software drivers and downloads
  2. Follow the instructions to find and then download the “Full Featured” software for  your device. This will usually be the larger file listed. It will contain the Solution Center software for your printer – scanner – copier device.
  3. After downloading and installing the software, search your program menu to find an HP Update icon and use it to get the latest updates for your system. If the icon doesn’t exist, then it isn’t available for your installation.

The above three steps should fix most problems with HP printers and multi-function devices.