20091019mo-hp-touch-screen-computer-touchsmartSummary. HP is offering TouchSmart technology in their computers and printers (such as the Photosmart Premium C309g). The new desktop all-in-one computers look and operate much like a huge Apple iPhone.

Apple Technology. It’s surprising that Apple has not yet announced touch screen notebook and desktop computers considering that they were the ones who brought the touch screen technology to market. The iPhone uses essentially the same Unix operating system, OS X (OS 10), as the Apple desktop computers, although some features are missing in order to make it a smaller operating system. So, presumably, it wouldn’t take much effort to introduce touch capabilities in the entire line of Apple products.

Touch Screen Advantages. A touch screen interface typically makes devices easier to operate. It can be compared to a context sensitive menu that pops up when you right click in Windows. However, with touch screen, the entire screen and controls morph into what you need at the moment, and what you don’t need disappears.