20091021we-twitter-is-over-capacity-cropSummary. On 21 October 2009, Twitter reached maximum tweeting capacity and for a moment the site refused additional tweets.

Managing Micro Content. With traditional content such as website articles or photos, it’s possible to tag and categorize. However, with twitter, people’s short tweets are similar to a collection of birds chirping. At some point, all of the chirps just become a chorus of chaotic noise. This micro-content is relevant in the moment, but it’s usefulness is short lived.

News Feed Alternatives. Services such as Twitter and Facebook have taken the place of news feeds for some organizations. Rather than signing up for a website’s RSS feed, people are following websites using Twitter. As a result, new content posted needs to be announced on Twitter for followers to be notified.

Redundancy. As was witnessed today, subscribers and publishers should have multiple channels of sending and receiving news.