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20091105th-audacity-logo-audio-recording-software-soundSummary. Audacity is a free audio recording, editing, and production software program that allows for saving audio files in various formats including MP3.

Export to MP3. Follow the instructions below to save in MP3 format.

  1. The Audacity software should be installed and the separate Lame MP3 encoding files should be placed in a folder called lame inside of the folder where the Audacity program is located.
  2. The first time an export to MP3 is attempted, the Audacity software will ask you to locate the lame library file. Simply navigate to the lame folder and click on the file. On Windows this will be in the Program Files > Audacity folder. For Apple, this will be in Applications > Audacity.
  3. Because the Audacity software is not currently a multi-user program, even if one user on the computer has exported to MP3, others will still need to go through the instructions described in step #2 above.