20091110tu-4d-database-4th-dimension-smoke-writingSummary. This page offers general information about 4th Dimension database software and basic installation instructions for the 4D v11 SQL database server application software. In addition to links on the main 4D website, other resources are also available including the 4D Partner Central support site, the 4D Partners website for finding 4D support providers, and the 4D Knowledge-base. There is also a 4D page on Wikipedia with more information. A 4D Documents page is also available on the 4D website.

20091110tu-4d-4th-dimension-when-the-solution-matters-logoServer Installation. Here are the basic instructions for installing the 4D Server software on an Apple computer as a server.

  1. From the 4D Download Page, download the 4D pack containing the software suite of applications.
  2. Double click on the disk image (DMG) file and agree to the license to open the disk image and view the contents.
  3. Create a 4D folder in your Applications folder and copy all contents of the disk image (495.7MB of files) into the 4D folder. Eject the disk image.
  4. Run 4D Server for the first time and choose Activate when asked to Activate, Evaluate, or Purchase (assuming you have already purchased). Agree to the license (again). Choose Instant Activation (Deferred and Emergency are other options). You will need to use your 4D Account login of email and password. Then provide your Product Number (Product ID). When complete, click on the Go to 4D button.
  5. Use the 4D Server program to open your structure file. A conversion of your data may be necessary.

4D Database Conversion. If you are upgrading from a previous version of 4D, when starting 4D Server the conversion process will automatically begin. It is suggested that  you check your database with the 4D Tools for your current version before upgrading to the new version.