Makur Jain | Greg Johnson


Greg & Makur (photo by Bruce Thayer)

Welcome. Below is the wedding video for the marriage of Makur Jain and Greg Johnson on 14 November 2009.

Virtual Invitation. You are cordially invited to attend the wedding virtually by watching the video. Please RSVP by clicking the play button.

About the Wedding. The symbols seen in the wedding are from Jainism and Hinduism. The vows used for the ceremony were based on open source marriage wedding vows. In an effort to reduce the financial and environmental cost of the wedding, only a few people were in attendance. Makur’s parents were in attendance from India via Skype, and are seen in the video on a notebook computer.

Video. The wedding video below is about 4 minutes long and concludes with a short slideshow of photos from the wedding. Photography is by Bruce Thayer except where otherwise noted. Video recorded and produced by RFLTV.

Note: The video was originally uploaded to and is no longer available on that platform. A new version will be uploaded at some point in the future.

Comments and Congratulations. Below are some comments and congratulations we’ve received. Please feel free to use the contact page to add your comments and wishes below. Note: Some comments below are in Chinese, Japanese, or other foreign characters if they don’t appear properly, the font for that language may not be installed on your computer.

How lovely! We send congratulations to you and Makur and
wish you all the best forever. Thanks for sharing your special day. ~ Linda and Carl R. (20100213sa0740)

Congratulations on your and Makur’s wedding! I’m so happy for you both! Lovely wedding! ~ Jamila T. (20100201mo0534)

I wish you and your beautiful bride a life of happiness, health and peace. All my love. ~ David B. (20100201mo1234)

Let me be the first of 2010 to celebrate your wedding! A beautiful ceremony and a beautiful couple! ~ David S. (20100104mo0620)

Best wishes to a beautiful couple! ~ Shireen Q. (20091217th1709)

Congratulations!! Best wishes to you for a wonderful, happy and harmoneous life!! Будьте счастливы!! ~ Lyudmila K. (20091202we2300)

This was/is very sweet. Wishing all, all the best for you two!! ~ Almut H. (20091202we1602)

Thanks for sharing!!! ~ Cheri C. (20091202we1526)

It was a joy to view the beautiful video! Best wishes to you and your beautiful wife for a long, happy, lovely life together!!! Blessings and ugs to you both. ~ Phillis P. (20091202we1518)

Just watched your and Makur’s wedding video. Very sweet. Best wishes and congratulations to you both. ~ Sherry P. (20091202mo1437)

It was a perfect occasion!! Love Sweet Love… ~ Andrea C.D. (December 2 at 1:37PM)

Congrats. May you have only continued joy together coupled with good health and prosperity. ~ Avremel B. (20091126th1421)

Congratulations! ~ Chaya B. (20091126th1327)

Wow. Excellent news. Congratulations to you both. ~ Leon F. (November 17 at 11:09pm)

Congratulations!! May you both have a beautiful and blessed life together. ~ Asma S. (November 15 at 10:47pm)

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love yo all!!! ~ Alex L. (November 15 at 10:21pm)

Congrats! ~ Jenifer S. (November 15 at 9:38pm)

Congratulations to you both! ~ Raphael A. (November 15 at 9:17pm)

Congratulations! Best wishes to your new family! ~ Anna K. (November 15 at 8:24pm)

Congratulations!!!! GongxiGongxi!!! 恭喜恭喜 ~ Yi-Tzu H. (November 15 at 8:01pm)

Congratulations, and best wishes! ~ Jeanne M. (November 15 at 7:31pm)

My best wishes to you both. ~ Gay A. (November 15 at 6:44pm)

Qué buena noticia. Felicidades!!! ~ Demaris P.A. (November 15 at 4:24pm)

Congratulations, Greg! I’m looking forward to the wedding video. ~ Anna Serena N. (November 15 at 3:06pm)

¡¡Felicidades!! 🙂 ~ Tania L. (November 15 at 2:57pm)

Many congrats! Blessings to you both. ♥ ~ Cara B. (November 15 at 1:47pm)

Congrats! Soo… happy for both of you!!!… ~ Bahar T. (November 15 at 1:04pm)

Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness! ‘Look forward to seeing your news & photos of the happy event! ~ Andrea C.D. (November 15 at 12:46pm)

Congrats!! omedetoo! おめでとう~ Chiemi H. (November 15 at 12:37pm)

Congratulations to both of you!! ~ Nittaya B. (November 15 at 12:08pm)

Congratulations you guys!!!! ~ Asmita S. (November 15 at 11:46am)

Congratulations, Greg and Makur! ~ Jeff W. (November 15 at 11:41am)

Yay!!!!!!!! ~ Jaycee C. (November 15 at 11:00am)

Congratulations!! ~ Hieu P. (November 15 at 10:55am)

Congratulations! Best wishes and a wonderful marriage! ~ Lynda J. (November 15 at 10:49am)

Congratulations. I am so happy for both of you. ~ Sally R.C. (November 15 at 10:42am)

Congratulations! ~ Ruth T. (November 15 at 10:09am)

Many years to you both ~ Granny M. (November 15 at 9:55am)

Giant congratulations! I hope all your love can fit in your small house. ~ Aprille C. (November 15 at 9:37am)

I’m so happy for you!!!! Congrat’s. 🙂 ~ Tammy S. (November 15 at 9:25am)

Congrats!!!! ~ Tim S. (November 15 at 9:13am)

CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂 How wonderful! ~ Elizabeth D. (November 15 at 8:43am)

CONGRATULATIONS….Blessings to you both! ~ Cheri C. (November 15 at 7:48am)

Congratulations!!!!!!!! ~ Almut H. (November 15 at 7:04am)

Congrats!!! ~ Juan Carlos M. (November 15 at 6:14am)

Congratulations!!! 🙂 ~ Bob B. (November 15 at 12:19am)