20091222tu-tenant-pro-sql-domin-8Summary. TenantPro by Domin-8 is a property management office automation software program that makes it easier for property managers to track various aspects of property management tasks. Technical support is available at 888-285-1212.

Overview. The Tenant Pro 7 SQL version, installs and uses Microsoft SQL Express 2005 for managing the Tenant Pro database on the server. In this way, Tenant Pro is a program that creates an SQL database and then allows users to easily save and access property management information.

Installation Tips. Below are some installation, setup, and configuration tips.

  • Server Upgrade. When upgrading to a new server computer, choose the backup function from the File menu in Tenant Pro on the old server, backup the database, and then on the new server, create a new empty database to import the data using the recover feature.
    • Users. The user account information is saved separately from the database. So, these will need to be entered manually into the new system or moved over with the assistance of technical support. When entering new users, selecting Master Equivalent may result in all feature boxes appearing as unchecked. This is just a glitch in the software. Click on the box in the lower left to uncheck all and the select all again, then save. The sessions feature under the file menu may remain unchecked. This is a bug in the software. Remove the user, and try adding the user again until all check boxes are checked and remain checked after pressing save.
    • Workstations. If your server package allows for multiple simultaneous logins, the workstations serial number for expansion will need to be entered under serial numbers.
  • Client Computers. During the initial installation on the server, an SQL password is assigned by the person installing. The client computer will need the name of the server, the SQL login username (usually sa) and the password originally assigned during server setup. If the server is an upgrade from an old server, and if the server name has changed, it will be necessary to use the Locate Central Database (found under the TenantPro miscellaneous menu in all programs) to find and select the new SQL server.