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20091218fr-apple-osx-disk-utilitySummary. Like Windows computers, Apple computers do not come with a simple and intuitive method of copying CDs or DVDs.

This may be an attempt to avoid being perceived as a monopoly in violation of antitrust laws.

The absence of this basic functionality leaves room for third party developers, such as Sonic and Roxio to offer programs for CD and DVD duplication.

Instructions. Below are instructions for using the Apple Disk Utility for making duplicate copies of CDs or DVDs.

  1. Put DVD into the computer and exit the DVD player if it starts.
  2. Open Disk Utility found in the Utilities folder under Applications.
  3. The DVD you inserted will be listed in the left column.
  4. Click on “New Image” to create an image of the DVD and save it to your desktop.
  5. Once done, the resulting image file on the desktop can be used to create a new copy of the DVD. Simply open the image with the Disk Utility by double clicking on it, and then choose Burn.