Google Fi lets you have excellent mobile phone service for as little as 20 per month, and $15 per month for each additional phone. Data rates are $10 per 1GB used (up to 6TB then free beyond that). Here are some helpful links and resources for the Google Fi mobile phone service. Use our referral link and save $20 on signup.

Compatible Phones

Google Fi works best with newer Android phones. There is a long list of compatible phones for most of the Google Fi features, but for the full experience it’s best to use an Android phone.

We recommend the Motorola Moto X4 Android-One smartphone which is $235 on Amazon but sometimes goes on sale for $200. [View/Buy] The user guide provides more details about the Moto X4. [View PDF]

The best case we’ve found for the Moto X4 is the CoverOn Hybrid case for about $10. [View/Buy]

Support and Benefits

For existing customers, when you login to Google Fi there will be links for managing your account, viewing billing, purchasing phones, and getting support 24/7. Below is what the Google Fi  support page looks like.

In addition to the excellent support provided by Google, people who are Resources for Life Tech Support customers can get in-home (or on-site) support for their phone, including a fast replacement phone or loaner phone. We can meet at your home, business, or favorite coffee shop for personalized support to help with mobile devices or any technology you need assistance with. Contact us for details.


“I’ve been using Google Fi with a Moto X4 smartphone for about 6 months and during that time I’ve had excellent coverage traveling to a variety of cities and rural areas in Iowa, as well as on driving trips to Kansas City and Chicago from Iowa City. I also traveled to India with the Moto X4 and was very pleased with the coverage and cost for usage. The phone instantly connected and worked, and welcomed me to India. My other phone is an iPhone X (2017 model) using AT&T service. There have been numerous occasions where the AT&T service didn’t exist, and the Google Fi service saved me when I needed to make a call or get GPS mapping directions. I’d highly recommend Google Fi and the Moto X4 as a backup phone, mobile hotspot, or primary phone for people who aren’t immersed in and reliant upon the Apple ecosystem of devices and services.” ~ Greg Johnson (12 Jul 2019)

How Google Fi Works

From the FAQ page:

“Through new technology developed with our partners, phones designed for Fi put you on the best available network among three leading networks from T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular as well as a network of Wi-Fi hotspots. This means you get access to more cell towers and 4G LTE in more places. Phones that aren’t designed for Fi are covered by T-Mobile.”

How Google Fi Ranks

According to an independent review by Consumer Reports, Google Fi is #2 out of 20 cellular service providers when taking into consideration the value, customer support, data service, voice quality, and other aspects of the service.

Further Reading

Here are some articles for more information about Google Fi:

  • Google Fi: Phones, plans, pricing, perks, and more explained,” by Julian Chokkattu, Digital Trends, 20 Mar 2019. [Read]