If you’re interested in knowing more about your mobile phone signal strength and reception, it helps to have an app that can give you detailed data.

For the iPhone, you can get an app like LTE Speed Coverage Map. The app is free and offers an in-app one-time purchase to remove the advertising for 99 cents which is probably worth it. To remove ads, tap on the three bars menu icon in the upper left, and from the More Stuff menu choose Remove Ads.

For users of Android phones (like Samsung or Motorola) there are apps like Network Signal Info Pro or Network Cell Info. Whichever program you get, it’s worth spending the few dollars to get the full-featured ad-free version.

Use the links above to explore the features these apps provide. In general what you’ll get is the ability to more precisely measure signal strength and know the location of the cell tower you’re connected to. For tech support professionals, it’s very helpful to provide this information to anyone inquiring about signal quality.

Organizations like OpenSignal offer coverage data based on actual user experience. You may wish to participate in an effort like that to help people know more about the best service providers for their area.