If you’re thinking about choosing the best mobile phone service provider for your needs, you’ll want to become familiar with which company offers good coverage where you live and travel.

Organizations like OpenSignal and DeadCellZones gather user feedback about coverage to create maps and show areas of poor reception. This information can be helpful in addition to the official coverage maps offered by the major national providers below.

T-Mobile offers a coverage comparison map where you can see overlaid coverage maps for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.

Some lesser known service providers are reselling service that’s delivered over a national network. For example Consumer Cellular and Cricket Wireless are AT&T affiliates. So one would presume their coverage is the same as AT&T but you may want to check their coverage maps as well. U.S. Cellular (owned by Sprint) is reported to be using AT&T and Verizon towers, so should have service equal to the combined coverage of those carriers.

Cellular Coverage Maps

Here are links to some of the service coverage maps of the predominant cellular service providers.