Summary. Many snack products unnecessarily contain MSG and other harmful ingredients.

20 April 2012 – Update. This product contains Torula Yeast which is similar to MSG in it’s harmful impact on the body. One of our readers contacts Frito Lay and was told they should avoid this product if they have a sensitivity to MSG. The article below remains as it was originally posted on 25 February 2010.

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Frito Lay Cheetos Natural White Cheddar Puffs with No MSG are an example of how a quality snack product can be made to have excellent flavor without MSG (Monosodium Glutamate).

Help promote safe and nutritious snack foods by purchasing only MSG-free foods.

While there are many natural food companies that have pioneered in the production of safe foods, it’s important to support larger mainstream corporations making an effort to provide safe foods. Frito Lay is one example. You can vote with your shopping dollars for safer and more nutritious foods.

It’s worth pointing out that the tagline on the bag pictured here doesn’t mention that the product has no MSG. This is probably because it would raise awareness about the dangers of MSG and subsequently would have consumers asking, “Why do you put MSG in any of your products at all.”

Click here for more information about the dangers of MSG.

Nutritional Information. Below is the nutritional information provided by Frito Lay for these cheese puffs. However, the bag we purchased for evaluation showed organic ingredients as well. Here is the nutritional information and ingredients provided on the website.

Organic Ingredients. Below is the ingredient list we found on a bag, which actually includes organic sour cream and sea salt.

Notice that Frito Lay has a patent on corn puffs.