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Summary. Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes (unscented / fragrance free) are an excellent multipurpose cleaner.

Here are some examples of how these cleaning wipes can be used.

  • Computer Cleaning. There are a wide variety of cleaning wipes available for cleaning computers and other electronics. Unfortunately, these are usually filled with chemicals that are harmful and toxic. Baby wipes are even more effective for removing dirt, oil, and dust, yet have none of the toxic chemicals that other cleaning wipes have.
  • Bicycle Cleaning. Surprisingly, baby wipes are gentle enough for babies yet powerful enough to clean dirt and blackened bicycle grease from a bicycle. grease.
  • Surface Cleaner. Baby wipes make an excellent alternative to chemical laden surface cleaning wipes.
  • Tissue. Anyone who has experienced a persistent runny nose, knows how red and irritated the nose becomes after blowing on dry tissues. Using baby wipes when blowing the nose helps maintain moist skin.

Cost Effective. Refill packs (shown below) are relatively inexpensive.