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the Columbia Men's Omni-Shield Convert Rain Jacket

Summary. In this review, Gregory Johnson presents the benefits of the Columbia Men’s Omni-Shield Convert Rain Jacket (110 WM6443). A light-weight water-resistant jacket with Omni-Shield technology.

“This jacket is easy to pack up and carry in a day pack. Because it is light weight, and roomy (when sized properly), it’s very comfortable to wear.

In performs well in wet weather, yet because it’s highly breathable, getting overheated isn’t a problem.

The zippers function quite well. On the version I have, the left jacket sleeve, at the forearm, has a nice small pocket. For runners, it would hold a key or other small device, such as a small MP3 player. Although, to keep the pocket and jacket looking nice and not worn, it’s probably best not to put anything too big in that pocket.

The tail end of the jacket is long enough that one could probably wear it while riding a bicycle in wet weather.

During some cold and windy days, I found it did a really good job of keeping the cold air out and my body heat in without being too warm.

I purchased this jacket at the Columbia store in Mall of America in March 2010. I’ve now, weeks later, had some difficulty finding it anywhere online. I don’t know if that means it’s discontinued, or so new that it’s not readily available. I normally don’t review products that aren’t available anywhere. What’s the point in that, right? Yet, this one is so nice, my hope is that somewhere people can find it and benefit from it. We have some Columbia jackets in our online store, but not this one.” ~ Gregory Johnson

Video. Below is a video review of this jacket by Gregory Johnson.

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