In Morocco, households that find themselves without a man often face financial difficulties. Fatima Zahara knows that only too well. After her father died, her mother could barely feed her children. So Fatima quit school to help support her family. Fatima’s entire family was subjected to social stigma, but now she hopes to find her way back into Moroccan society. The non-profit association Amal helps to empower women like Fatima through culinary skills. At its restaurant in Marrakesh, former maidservants, divorced women and widows learn how to cook for a living. Morocco’s patriarchal society makes it hard for women to become truly independent, even though equality of the sexes is enshrined in law. At Amal’s restaurant, Fatima and other women receive culinary training, as well as help finding work after they graduate. A report by Natalia Bachmayer. (Deutsche Welle, 9 Mar 2020 at 2:00 PM CT)