If you’ve been searching on the website for their software downloads, you will likely have a hard time finding them. Below is a screenshot of their home page and nowhere will you find a link or button that says Download.

After not finding the software on the Zoom website, your next step would typically be to do a search online for the software, which is dangerous because you may end up downloading infected software from some third-party.

So, we’ve tracked down the correct pages on their site and are providing them here.

Zoom Download Links

Computer Software Downloads. These are links to the Zoom website downloads for various computer types.

Smartphone and Tablet Software. The iPhone and iPad links go to the Apple App store. The Android link goes to the Google Play Store.

Note that Android is the software running on Samsung, LG, Motorola, and other non-Apple devices Website Home Page

You’ll notice on the homepage shown below that there is no download option for their software. While they offer a web version, having the dedicated application is much nicer to use.