Summary. Andy Mackie is a 71-year-old Scottish-born retired horse trainer and musician. After his ninth heart surgery, his doctors had him on 15 medications with side-effects that made his life miserable.

From Medications to Music. One day he decided to stop taking the medications and instead use the money he saved to give musical instruments and lessons to children.

In his first month he purchased and gave away 300 harmonicas with lessons.

When he didn’t die the next month, he bought a few hundred more.

Eleven years, and 16,000 harmonicas later, Andy is still going. Below is a video about his story.

* * *

Healthcare Disclaimer. It is important to remember that Andy Mackie’s experience is inspiring, but not typical. For most people, taking the appropriately prescribed medications enhances and extends life. It’s not universally recommended for anyone to unilaterally stop taking their medications or make any adjustments to their medications without medical advice or supervision.