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Summary. Oneida has a very nicely crafted cheese spreader made from highly polished and very resilient stainless steel. [Buy Now]

It’s small size, smooth finish, and ergonomic design make it very pleasant to use.

Because it has a 0.1 cm (1/16″) thick dull blade, it is safe to handle.

In addition to being an elegant and artistic addition to the kitchen, the knife can also be used as a letter opener.

The gently tapered handle can also be used for assisted shiatsu or acupressure. It provides just the right combination of focused yet tapering intense pressure where needed. This reduces overuse of the hands and fingers from doing massage. The smooth handle glides easily over clothing, making it a great tool to have at the office for self massage.  [Buy Now]

Oneida… “Bring Life to the Table”